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Posts from — September 2009

Annoying our Students :)

Our students are always wondering if Kate and I are a couple or if we’re getting married…  And we always play like we don’t understand becuase it’s more fun that way.  Maybe it’s cruel.. maybe it’s mean.  But they usually think it’s funny too…

Here are two videos from our most recent school field trip that illustrated this :)   The first one they’re trying to get us to hold hands… in the second, she’s asking if we will get married.  :)


There are also some more videos up on the videos page.

September 20, 2009   4 Comments

Pagoda Photosynth

Yesterday Kate and I went on a field trip with our school to the Uljin Nuclear Facility – more on that later but we also went up to this small pagoda overlooking the ocean.  I took this set up photos and uploaded it to photosynth.net – a microsoft photo project and here’s how it turned out!!  Not amazing but it’s still cool.  I’ll start uploading the photos for the better one I took in Seoul from Seoul Tower soon.  It takes a long time for the software to do it’s thing but it does some really cool stuff.  Enjoy.

Note: This may require you download the Silverlight plugin.  It’s quick and easy – just a plugin like quicktime or windows media.

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“Head Shoulders Knees and Toes”

Kate and I are heading off to Seoul after school today.  It is the middle of the week, but Kate is taking the first part of the GRE tomorrow morning – it’s only offered during the week.  I’m going with her to keep her safe :) (Wish Kate Luck!!)

School is going really well so far this semester.  The class that gave us the most trouble last semester is much better (so far)… not sure who’s to credit for that but we’re happy.  We’re feeling very good about our teaching and are pretty well planned out for the semester.  It’s old routine for us now…    Knock on wood everything stays this good.

This week we have the Seoul trip, another school field trip, and I have a day off from my small school on Friday due to a sports event.  In two weeks we have a 4 day weekend for the Korean Thanksgiving “Chuseok” then in the middle of October and November the classes will have testing for the national assessment.  Then we’ll be into December and almost done!  Wow it’s flying by so fast already.

Strange how I’m already beginning to feel like I need to take every bit of this place in before we leave.  We’re so lucky to be able to do this.

On another note… our students LOVE this video.. and I’m sure you will to.  Be sure to watch for a while… some funny guest singers pop up :)



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