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Fall Pictures

I’ve been hoarding a bunch of new pictures for the past few weeks – waiting for a good time to edit them down and post them. So here we are. Be sure to check the captions on the pictures for more information about them. We’ve had some great adventures lately and these hopefully capture a bit of them. I’ve been trigger happy lately ending up with 5 and 6 hundred photos from some trips, so this is definitely a sampling – but it’s really all the pictures anyone would ever actually want to see. :) I’ll be posting some more photosynths of places around Korea soon too. (That’s really where the photo counts go up like crazy! )

Enjoy and please leave a comment!


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November 6, 2009   4 Comments

Promised Pictures – Silhouette Shenanigans

Chad – “Hey, Kate, pose in front of that light.”
Kate – “Okay!”


Together! You get the picture.

Chad’s turn!

Crazy Mountain Man!

Rocky on rockies.

Chad’s internal dialog – “Should I do it?”

Chad’s external answer. . . .


Lean on me!
1. . .
2. . .
3. . . .
4. . . .
Failed pose but fun trying!

Chad left but I stayed behind to pretend to be a ballerina-cave dancer.

Monster emerging from the midst.

BlAHHH!!!! Getting closer!! This is like getting Big Foot on camera! Luckily we got away in the nick of time! Phew.

We had fun. :)

November 16, 2008   Comments Off

Alive?! YES WE CAN! Uhh, I mean, yes we are! Hwansangul Mountain

A couple of weekends ago Chad and I decided to hike this trail that we saw when we visited Hwasnagul Cave in September. This post is jammed with pictures! Woot!

Our climb ended up being a little more difficult that we anticipated. Basically this mountain proved to us that our previous thought that Korean hiking is wimpy was wrong – the ropes and stairs are needed. Instead of nice little switch backs everywhere the climb went all the way up and then all the way down.

At the beginning of our hike. Happy little climbers in Korea! Oh, and due to the Kimchi, Chad has grown to be 6″ taller than me.

Cheese!! I mean, Kimchi!!! (Try it, cheese and kimchi do the same thing to your mouth. . .haha but not your taste buds or your tummy!)

This little cave caused us to take about 20 minutes out of our climb to take pictures. Above is a sample of those pictures. They will be in another post. Yes, I plan to post again.

Steep stairs to help us down. I have to confess, I thought we were close to the summit. Nope.

Tampoon – pretty fall leaves in Korean

Crazy Mountain Man! That is what our coworkers like to call Chad. He shared some of his summer hiking pictures with them a few weeks ago. With good reason they were in shock of how intense some of his climbs were. Yikes, me too!

Okay, this picture is an image of the “uh-oh” on our hike. We realized the sun was going down and we had NO clue when we were going to hit the middle point. Sadly we turned around so that we would make the last bus and not die of hypothermia.

Graceful climbing.

Break in the leaves. I think that we would have been OK if we had chosen to stay the night on top of the mountain. The leaves were very cozy!

I know this doesn’t look that tough. I was tired, recovering from a cold and the rocks were very slippery! Thank goodness for those ropes!

I love these persimmon (kam) trees. The are like big hovering skeletons trimmed with bright orange balls that look like they are just floating in the atmosphere surrounding the trees.

Overall Update:

We are doing really well. The cooler weather is definitely rolling in. School is still going really well. We are in the midst of planning a trip to Thailand and Malaysia for our break in January. Exciting! We miss everyone a lot and I wish there was more time in the day and less of a time difference so that staying in touch weren’t so tricky. Though, I am not complaining, we would be lost without all of this technology.

We miss and love you all and I hope that everyone is doing well! Thank you for keeping track of us!


November 15, 2008   1 Comment