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Fall Pictures

I’ve been hoarding a bunch of new pictures for the past few weeks – waiting for a good time to edit them down and post them. So here we are. Be sure to check the captions on the pictures for more information about them. We’ve had some great adventures lately and these hopefully capture a bit of them. I’ve been trigger happy lately ending up with 5 and 6 hundred photos from some trips, so this is definitely a sampling – but it’s really all the pictures anyone would ever actually want to see. :) I’ll be posting some more photosynths of places around Korea soon too. (That’s really where the photo counts go up like crazy! )

Enjoy and please leave a comment!


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1 Bill and Willa { 11.07.09 at 6:38 am }

Wow, I always think if it were the old days when you had to have all those pictures deveoped and printed you could not afford to take so many. Very impressive collection. Were those round bales of hay in one scene? And what was the crop that was shocked in 3 bunches? Didn’t look like corn.
Our corn and beans are almost done harvesting…in fact may be done by now.
Lots of crops still in the fields.
Went to Iowa City yesterday for Grandpa’s check up and he got good marks for taking care of himself and stent was in place and not leaking so good news.
Love you,

2 anna { 11.11.09 at 1:33 am }

Lovely pictures.
Makes me miss Samcheok and all that came with the place (the people).

3 Chad { 11.17.09 at 10:18 pm }

@Bill and Willa – Yes, Digital Cameras are amazing. The fact that I can take any number of photos and have instant access to them is pretty great. I’m actually thinking of doing some projects where I limit myself to only 24 shots (like an roll of film) to make me more discerning and precise when I take a picture. Right now it’s easy to click off 3 or 4 shots to get what I want.

Not sure what the crops were. I know one of them they lay down on tarps and whack them with a cane/rope thing to get the seeds out of the shells on the stalk. Maybe it’s barley? or a form or rice…? not sure. Glad to hear Grandpa got a good report! Always glad to hear that kind of news :) Can’t wait to see you and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Going south, right? Tell Robert and the Family I say hello and Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll eat some kimchi for everyone :)

4 Chad { 11.17.09 at 10:22 pm }

@anna – We miss you too :( We just had the English Speech contest the past 2 days… woot. I think the Korean Song and Dance festival is happening next month… won’t be the same without you and Eve dancing :(

I hope all is well back in the states!