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Happy 4th of July!

Well, we’ve been home for over 2 months now and time is flying by.  Our wedding day is quickly approaching and the details are starting to come together! (We think!)  Right now, Kate is in Virginia with her family spending countless hours bringing the wedding together, applying for scholarships, and enjoying time with her family.  I’m here in Kokomo with my parents working on my parts of the wedding, training for a sprint triathlon (eeek), and applying for jobs in Chicago!  It’s an exciting time!

I’m going to forego the usual blogger apology for lack of recent updates and I’m not going to promise anything for the near future because quite frankly we’re both preoccupied with other things that have to take precedence right now.  But Rest assured that once we are settled in Chicago and have a bit more time to devote to this we’ll be uploading many more photos and videos from the end of our travels and the past few months.  We’re on a pretty amazing ride right now and can’t wait to share it with you!  So, please excuse the hiatus…

For now, here are a few pictures from the recent months…

For more detailed descriptions view on flickr – click here!

For those of you who don’t know, Kate and I were stranded in Paris because of the Icelandic Volcano.  We stayed there for 3 extra days then took bus to Barcelona and on to Madrid where we got a flight home.  It was an adventure and it was ridiculous (and annoying).  Now we’re fighting battles with the travel insurance company which is very frustrating but in the end it was a nice bonus to get to see spain a bit!

Enjoy the Pictures,  We’ll be back soon!

We can’t wait to see some of you at the wedding in a few weeks!


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Home, Updates, and Pictures

Hello all,
We are home from the Philippines – have been for about a week now, but we’re just getting around to editing the pictures/videos and getting some posts up to the site. We’re weeding out the not so great pictures and will be uploading them as soon as we can.

Things might look a bit different with photos from now on because we’re starting to use Flickr to host them. This shouldn’t change much in terms of how you find or see the pictures except that it should be faster (most of the time) and much less of a hassle on our end. (That’s the hope at least…) Assuming all goes well with the photos from the trip we’ll gradually move all of the older photos over to the flickr account as well. So look forward to that, although you shouldn’t really be able to tell of a difference if I do my job correctly :)

Today marks the beginning of our last month in Korea :( We’re not sure exactly what day we will leave Korea but it will be sometime around March 1st and we’ll definitely be out of the apartment by February 27th or so. We will keep you posted on the details when we find out. As it stands right now we’re still planning on traveling to China and Southeast Asia for about 6 weeks after we leave Korea …. in a month. (Wow, we better start planning!!)

Last week we finished teaching! That’s right, a full month before the end of our contract and after coming back from 3 weeks off, we taught one week and now are finished teaching! Crazy! We were supposed to also teach this week but for some reason all classes were cancelled, so we’re off the hook – although we do have to go to school for a few hours every morning. Next week is graduation, so we’ll have some “normal” days then but still not teaching. After the 10th (Graduation) we’re not sure what we’ll be up to or if we’ll have to come in to work at all. That time is typically another vacation/transition time before the Spring semester starts. So we’ll see! We will definitely miss this job and how good they are to us. (and there’s really no excuse now for us to not get the pictures up soon….)

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We’ve been talking a lot about what this year and the coming years will bring and the only thing that we know is that nothing is certain. Where will we live? What will we be doing? Questions like these are constantly in our conversations and thoughts now-a-days. It’s a strange feeling to have such an unusually clean slate on which to re-start. It’s simultaneously terrifying and exciting! – but every day we move closer it shifts more to the later. It’s going to be great! So, I know it’s a little late, but we’re welcoming in 2010 and holding on tight, it’s going to be a pretty crazy (and wonderful) ride!


February 1, 2010   2 Comments

“Head Shoulders Knees and Toes”

Kate and I are heading off to Seoul after school today.  It is the middle of the week, but Kate is taking the first part of the GRE tomorrow morning – it’s only offered during the week.  I’m going with her to keep her safe :) (Wish Kate Luck!!)

School is going really well so far this semester.  The class that gave us the most trouble last semester is much better (so far)… not sure who’s to credit for that but we’re happy.  We’re feeling very good about our teaching and are pretty well planned out for the semester.  It’s old routine for us now…    Knock on wood everything stays this good.

This week we have the Seoul trip, another school field trip, and I have a day off from my small school on Friday due to a sports event.  In two weeks we have a 4 day weekend for the Korean Thanksgiving “Chuseok” then in the middle of October and November the classes will have testing for the national assessment.  Then we’ll be into December and almost done!  Wow it’s flying by so fast already.

Strange how I’m already beginning to feel like I need to take every bit of this place in before we leave.  We’re so lucky to be able to do this.

On another note… our students LOVE this video.. and I’m sure you will to.  Be sure to watch for a while… some funny guest singers pop up :)



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