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Final Days… (of the semester)

Sorry for the long break between posts.  We’ve been having trouble accessing Blogger from work, and we’ve been busy in the evenings with school activities.  Hence the lack of posts, but we will be better in the coming weeks.  We’re working on some changes for the site.  Better hosting for photos of our travels, new page layout and design, new hosting service.  We will also hopefully start using WordPress in the near future so we’ll have more flexibility and control.  (and because I really want to learn WordPress :o)  So look forward to those changes in the next few weeks.
General Update:
Boredom has set in as we are finishing up the final days of the fall semester.  Geundeok had it’s end of the year tests a week and half ago, so all of our afterschool classes and camps have been canceled since then.  So, we come to work and sit on the computer all day…   This week we taught one class together for the parents of the afterschool students, and I taught 3 of my 4 classes with Korean teachers, Kate hasn’t taught any.  So we sit – dream about our vacation in a few weeks, plan for it, lookup grad schools, dream of coming home and going to said grad schools, catch up on emails, do online crossword puzzles, and then repeat.  Not so exciting at school, but we’ve had some interesting distractions at night.   Wednesday afternoon/evening we had our final Volleyball game against the other Guendeok district schools.  This was a lot of fun and we got to leave our computer posts a few hours early.  Thursday we had a Korean speech and song festival which was.. well interesting.   Another post will be up soon with more details on that exciting evening.   So, that’s about it as of late.  We’re gearing up for a ski trip with our school next Tuesday-Wednesday, and for Christmas we’re having a number of the other Weigooks (foreigners) over to our apartment for a pot-luck and dirty Santa gift exchange.  Should be fun!  
More soon!

December 18, 2008   1 Comment