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Bangkok – BOOM – Go

0Yeah, Bangkok! So this was our first stop on our vacation (almost two months ago). This post is pretty much just jammed with pictures. I will do my best to interject as you read but overall just enjoy this magnificent city. I truly loved Bangkok (even before I knew my engagement ring would be found there)! It is the kind of huge city that is still itself, the culture just kind of oozes out. Unlike many modern cities, Bangkok does not look like it has been infiltrated by the west.

Bangkok - 28




Bangkok - 29


These little guys, monster-men, Chad and Dave are all at the Grand Palace. The Grand Palace was full of amazing building. Each corner just glittered.

Bangkok - 36


Eve and I both had to get different clothes to wear in the Palace. I just had to get a shirt, Eve got to wear a bright green wrap around skirt. It was pretty funny. We paid the equivalent of a few dollars then went into a tiny locker room with a free standing hanging wrack where we grabbed a shirt. When we were done we put it right back where we got it for the next tourist!


Bangkok - 24




Bangkok - 31


Aww, my fellow travellers. :)




Bangkok - 09




Bangkok - 07


Okay, this was one of my favorite meals on our entire trip. It’s just these huge noodles with basil and chili pepper. It was perfect. I miss it.


Bangkok - 12


Sunset on our way to see Marlie! Marlie is one of my closest friends from Perugia and she just spent the last 5 months or so teaching in Thailand! I got to see her while we were in Bangkok and it was wonderful. The first night Chad and I went out to where she lived about 40 minutes outside of Bangkok. We had dinner and took scooter taxis to see her market area. The next morning we all headed into Bangkok to reunite with Dave and Eve (and Sisco).


*A quick non-photo related note: The bathrooms in Thailand made the Korean bathrooms seem logical and luxurious. In Korea the majority of toilets are glorified holes in the ground. At home and at school (in the teachers’ bathroom that is heated and plays classical music) we have western style toilets. Everywhere else in Korea is usually a hole with toilet paper. Fine – icky but we deal and always carry tissues. So, Thailand’s bathroom don’t flush. Well, they do but it’s you with a hose. Okay, I got used to that, fine. Here is the catch, their toilets are holes too BUT they are holes on a pedestal, like a throne. You have to climb up on the throne! It you don’t like potty talk just skip down, there is one more thing. So on the glorious occasion that I found a Western style toilet I always fond the seat up. As I started paying attention in the bathroom I realized that the women were putting the seat up to use the toilet. I have come to the conclusion that they must squat on the rim of the Western style toilet. A little bit absurd but it made the South East that much more exotic.




Okay, the next few pictures are kind of random but fun.


Bangkok 2 - 26


Bangkok 2 - 51


An outdoor massage area where I got a facial for the equivalent of about $4 and Chad got a back rub. This is outside of a gas station that becomes a bar at night. :)


Bangkok 2 - 27


This is Dave. Dave is from new Castle.


Bangkok 2 - 35


These are hats that woman kept trying force on us. We took a picture with them. Nice. Dave actually bought one for Chad so that Chad would wear it. That lasted about 20 minutes. . . maybe.


Bangkok 2 - 33


Here are Marlie and Sisco. Sisco is the gem trader from Gambia that led Chad around Bangkok to find my engagement ring.


Bangkok 2 - 31


Marlie & Chad – Partners in Crime




Bangkok 2 - 37


Sharing a “bucket” which was delivered in a vase.


Bangkok 2 - 03


My travelling family.


Bangkok 2 - 09


Eve loves ice cream! Can a face get much happier?!


Bangkok 2 - 42


This is a few hours after Chad bought the engagement ring. He was really giddy and I thought he as just happy to be on vacation but in retrospect I think it may have been a little more than that. Poor guy held onto it for about 10 more days before he had a chance to pop the question! Isn’t he the cutest? He is mine!


Bangkok 2 - 40


Oh man, deja vu back to Italy! I love my Marlie!


Bangkok 2 - 32




Bangkok 2 - 23


Inside a temple. Usually it is absolutely forbidden to take pictures in the temples but it was allowed in this one. Feats your eyes on this or go to Thailand and see for yourself! Then stop in South Korea and see us, please.


Bangkok 2 - 25


Bangkok 2 - 50


This is a final hookah/juice stop. We had just spent the entire day shopping on Koh San! i love bargain shopping. Check Chad’s cool shades! The text is something about the warm in Iraq which was a little strange.


Bangkok 2 - 41


Wow, I look sleepy. I just thought this was a funny one. :)




Bangkok - 08


More food. I miss the food!


A quick technical note: Chad has been working like crazy to get a new Spicy Fishy webpage up. Due to all of his work and tinkering the Feedblitz emails are not going through. He will get it done soon AND hopefully you will also get to see a whole new Spicy Fishy soon! Everything he keeps showing me looks great! So, hang tight!

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1 Michael Levy { 03.05.09 at 6:29 pm }

I miss the food too. Bibimbap is great, but man could I go for some fresh basil… or pineapple… or basmati rice… or pad thai…

About the (lack of) toilet seats – yes, it’s totally crazy. I stayed at a place on Koh Lipe that had two toilets, both western-style bowls with no seat. Every time I balanced up there I was so scared that my foot was going to slip and end up on the inside. Thank God that never happened, but really, I would have much preferred a hole in the ground. Why have a bowl if you’re not going to have a seat?