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Christmas Cookies!

I know this is little late but I thought you’d enjoy seeing our Christmas cookies! We use my Grandma Mann’s recipe (cream cheese in the batter)!

Our little bitty oven! Luckily the cookie cutters in Korea are made by a company with a similar school of thought! All so small!

Okay, the snowman looks like it is carrying a bazooka

Piles and piles! We had SO many cookies. We gave away 7 bags of 8 cookies to neighbours (that was an interesting experience) and still had half the pile left!

Our traditional rolling pin! Two times makes a tradition!

Chad was a HUGE help! He is researching frosting recipes. . . hahaha.

I got bored while I was waiting for the cookies to bake. . .

The end. I hope you got some yummy Christmas cookies too!

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1 Marty { 01.04.09 at 7:23 am }

Oh, cookies. Beautiful and delicious. I wanted some of those cream cheese cookies this xmas. I need pics of you icing the cookies, because that’s what takes five hours to do. I miss you two!!!!!!!!!