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Happy New Year – from Puerto Princesa

Happy New Year! (belated.. )

Hello all,

I wrote a longer post a little bit ago but it got deleted :( Sorry… here is an abridged version -

Kate and I are in Puerto Princesa right now sitting in an internet cafe surrounded by World of Warcraft Gamers.  This morning we were in Manila  – which was an interesting experience.  Very grimy gritty city – more third worldy than we expected but it was definitely worth a day or two.  It Put everything in perspective for sure.  We will post more about that later.

Kate’s sister Molly was in Korea for the last 2 weeks visiting us.  We had a great time with her!! She came to school with us.. toured around Samcheok and went to Seoul for a few days before she flew home and we flew to the Philippines.


Making Lanterns at Bongeunsa Temple in Seoul


Again at the Temple


Kate and Molly on a Seoul Bus Tour :)


Kate and I had to wait in the airport for 12 hours for our flight (after Molly flew out in the morning) .  Gave me some time to practice with my Camera :)


Kate doesn’t like sitting in the airport for 12 hours :(


Some Kids in Rizal Park in Manila.  They were really excited when they saw my camera :)


Kate, Blanca and Ana (friends we met at our hostel) at Fort Santiago in Manila.


The view from our hostel tonight on Palawan Island – Puerto Princesa City…. Pretty amazing.

We’ll post some more pictures sooon when we get internet access again.

More soon,

-All the best

—-Chad & Kate!

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1 Bill and Willa { 01.12.10 at 3:12 am }

Hello world travelers. It must be warm there to have on sleeveless dress. It is 18 degrees here…..brrrr.
Not much new but going to Kokomo on Friday for the weekend. Will is off on Monday for ML King day so a 4 day weekend……for us.
Love, Grandma and Grandpa