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Koh Tao I

Well, now that we have the new site up we can blog from school! It should be a “no more excuses” situation now but I am making no promises. Now, you know the drill, presenting Koh Tao I . . .

This little guy above was the very first thing we heard when we arrived to the ferry port (after an over night bus from Bangkok) around 5 am. We were pooped and this rooster sent us into a very surreal state. The cherry on top of a looong journey.

Chicken for breakfast or . . . . . Oragne Cake?!


This cake was the most descent thing we could find to eat at a rest-stop on our bus ride. And yes, it is spelled o-r-a-g-n-e.


Here is the little harbor from where we departed. At first we thought the crazy (10 ft.?) waves were fun. That delirium lasted about 10 minutes when we started hearing people everywhere getting sick. Things got a little bit nutty. One of our party fell quite ill and Chad managed to crash into a picture frame (among people who were not doing well holding on to their digested breakfast). Glass flew everywhere (it was incredibly comical and as a person not getting sick I was trying to hold in my giggles. . . I am a bad sailor’s daughter). Later on Eve, who was sitting upstairs, saw one of the crewman throw a huge pile of glass overboard. Ooops. We made a point to avoid that area for diving.


Oh, so happy on the boat!


Coming in on our lovely island home (for a week).


A view of Dave and Chad basking in the sun in a little cove near our dive resort.


All geared up. I may look comfortable but OH MAN, I wasn’t!


Feet hanging over on our early morning dives (last 2). 18 meters! We had to leave at 7:30 AM.


Getting our gear prepped!


Here is all of our gear! Let’s see if I can remember the buddy check. Bruce Willis Ruins All Films. Okay, Chad just had to help me but that’s okay because he was my buddy! Poor guy had to hold my hand the entire time we were underwater.


I’m almost done!


Dave. :)


Our certification group! Team Australia (red hair guy and hoody guy), Team America (us, yeah, you know the next part), Team Dave (our Dave (far left) and other Dave (second to the right) we had two Daves), Heathe Ledger (red coat) and Tim (older & waving).


Dive Site!


Relaxing with a book before our final meeting.


Pretty view at some restaurant we scooted to.


My Chad with a smoothie. You have NO idea how many fresh smoothies we had while on Koh Tao! SOOoo many!


That’s us. :)


My favorite travellers!




Chad kissed my shoulder after putting sunscreen on. . . .

More to come!

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1 Michael { 03.16.09 at 11:48 am }

I miss Thailand. From the depths of my heart I miss it.