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New Sites

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that we both have new websites we’re working on. Kate has updated her Art website to include more content than just a link to her blog :) and I’ve started a new short form blog to keep snippings from around the internet etc.  

They are  www.katekorroch.com   and   www.brevity5.com  

Please have a look and leave a comment on the new sites.  :)  My brevity blog is a place to display and comment on things that I come accross on the internet, in the news, in photos, music etc.  I limit myself to only 5 words of comments which are all tagged so you can see any links between posts when the same words are used.  Pretty simple really.  

Kate is hosting her site on Weebly.com which gives her free hosting and a great easy-to-use development environment.  Great for actually keeping it up to date and interesting.  She will be adding more content to it shortly.  

We went to Soraksan again this past weekend with David and Eve.  We had a great time and had a great hike.  We’ll post photos from the weekend very soon.  

Thanks for reading!



1 Andrew { 05.22.09 at 1:45 am }

Hey Chad,

i actually like the old website. the layout was very friendly and personal and lots of pictures.


2 Andrew { 05.22.09 at 1:48 am }

sorry! i did not read the post carefully and commented to soon. love this site layout. dont change it. good luck with the new sites. Andrew