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Penang, Malaysia I

This is Penang. Exactly what you see – FOOD. Actually, Penang is quite a bit more than that. Chad and i basically spent two days getting to know a truly multicultural city via eating. Before we left for a trip we were forewarned by many traveler blog that if you don’t like eating this is not your place. We loved it! (Marty, you were missed).

Ironically, the day we left for Penang which was the day after our engagement, I got sick. Go figure.  After a day of traveling between Langkawi and Penang my body needed a break. Consequently, after lots of Gatorade and toast (I told Chad I was testing his ability to take care of me by getting sick, he passed.) we set off around 4 PM to see a little bit of the city.

Our first stop was nourishment beyond Gatorade. I found chicken soup! The next step, right Momma? It was amazing. I basically ate the broth and spices. It came with a huge slab of bread. Perfect.

Chad was a little more adventurous than I was. He had this lovely platter of naan and tandori chicken.

This is where we ordered. There are tons of street vendors all over just like this. Most of them seemed to be wearing the purple shirts. .

More about these guys later. Any guesses about what is inside? A high-five from Korea if you are right!

Residence of Ku Din Ku Meh

After our large nibble we began our wandering. This little house is one of the very first places we saw. I was attracted to the green building. When we walked up the sign said closed but a man say us and let us in. The house was owned by the former High Commissioner who if I remember correctly kind of lost power when the British came in. Don’t quote me. Anyways, the house was charming and had a little museum. It fed my curiosity.


Pretty Town Hall 
City Hall  
Both “Halls” were next to the ocean. Quite nice.  


Random interesting building that I liked. For some reason I am very attracted to facades that are in shambles.

Okay, we are on to Day 2 now. Costume change. This day we actually managed to set out fairly early in the morning (like 11:00). Prepare for more buildings with Chad’s head.

Malay Mosque  
Have I mentioned how religiously diverse Penang is? It is incredible. There is a huge mosque (seen above), tons of Buddhist temples, churches, Hindu temples. I am sure I am missing quite a bit but you get the picture. The people in Penang are proud of the fact that they have lived in harmony with so many different cultures in one place. I would be too. It’s amazing. A place from which we all could learn.  


McDonald’s VIP Drive-through  


I think this is part of a Chinese temple. I can’t bring myself to look at the map right now. Isn’t it beautiful?


Chad at the same temple!

Okay, quick story then I need to go to sleep. This day was the day before Chinese New Year. Chad is standing in front of Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s Penang base. Dr. Sun Yat Sen is basically the man responsible for Democracy in China. Anyways, the woman saw us and kind of dragged us in, we are very glad she did. She gave us a tour of the base and told us the story of the man and his group. Dr. Sun Yat Sen and his comrades staged a revolution. The majority of them were killed. Photographs were taken of their bodies and distributed all over China. The photographs outraged the Chinese – democracy.

There is even a movie about it that Chad and I bought. The woman who gave us a tour asked us if we wanted her to sign it because she is the producer.

Also, a man took our picture while we were there and then interviewed us and took our names, occupations, etc. Three days later we were in the largest Chinese newspaper in Malaysia!

After that we decided to EAT! We went to a nice little Chinese restaurant where we were surrounded by reunion dinners for the New Year! A fabulous morning. More to come soon!

Thanks for reading!