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Penang, Malaysia II

Well, as promised, more of Penang! Above is actually the rest of the Chinese Temple we visited. After that we continued wandering the streets.

Here is Chad approaching our next amazing encounter. i just thought the little peep holes were cool.
Another Chinese temple! We were really tied at this pint and were kind of ready to get back to the hotel to freshen up. Despite our effort to get home we were distracted by this temple and the little man inside.

A little old man met us outside and insisted to us (without English) that we take his tour. We couldn’t really say no.

This was my favorite part of the tour. He offered to take a picture of us together THEN he proceeded to get a picture with each of us. It was pretty amazing.

After we had the photo shoot he took us downstairs to see a picture of him and Tony Blair. He then handed us a handmade business card with his address and asked that we send him copies of the pictures. we need to get on that.

Kids playing on the street.

Among the ruins. Okay, yes I like taking pictures of dilapidated buildings but I do think this take it a bit too far.

Watermelon juice in a bag! Pink liquid in a bag?! Does life get better?

I had hard time handling it. I ended up just carting it around like a wet bag of sugar.
Incense constantly lit for Chinese New Year.

Another eating break! Okay, in all fairness, it has been more than an hour. We went back to the hotel and toured the Indian section of Penang. Hence the samosa.

I just like this, we didn’t go in.

Ah, but after more India Town touring we found a bakery/cafe owned by a man from Penang who had lived in NYC. While there he owned a similar cafe. He was great to talk to. We went back the next day for lunch and brought Dave and Eve. Eve and I had a veggie burgers!!

Do you see my orange mid-air? Chad wanted to take a picture of a temple at night. Quite beautiful, I think. This temple we cam across on our way to get foot massages. At the foot massage we got to be in the same room and the gave us fresh fruit and fresh juice. It was lovely.

Okay, after all of our nibbles we went for a real dinner at the Hawker’s Market. Basically there were a bunch of vendors every where and you just order and give them your table number. We took some risks and ordered random things with which we were unfamiliar. It wasn’t bad but not thrilling, neither of us ate much. Maybe we were just full. .

Lots of different ladies sang to us while we ate. Lots of Celine Dion like music. Woot.

It Asia it is traditional to give gifts in the form of oranges. By the end of the day I had quite a collection in my bag.

Shaved ice covered in ice cream and sauce! Yummy.

Newly engaged bliss. :)

Okay, so far no one has participated in my challenge so no high-fives from Korea. Last chance, don’t scroll down. What is in these little packages?

1. . .

2. . . .

3. . . .

Spicy coconut rice topped with a boiled egg wrapped in banana leaf!

And now, the Kate tradition continues. When else am I going to have a hot dog in Penang?

Whoa Nellie, this one was intense! More goup than dog.

I couldn’t do it. :(

Chad enjoyed his midnight snack. :)In with naan, out with naan.

So, that is Penang in a nutshell or two.

On another note, I hope you are all doing very well. We miss you all terribly. Please send us a note to let us know how we are doing. Thanks for keeping up with us, it means a lot to have the support!

Take Care!


kate & Chad

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1 Marty { 02.12.09 at 4:25 pm }

I CAN’T HANDLE THESE POSTS! TOO MUCH FOOD! I WANT TO EAT IT ALL! I’m glad you had such a diverse culinary adventure…can I come next time?