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Soraksan with Dave and Eve

Last weekend we went to Soraksan National park with Dave and Eve!  We went up on Saturday and stayed the night in Sokcho then headed out to the park for some hiking on Sunday.  It was a bittersweet trip as it is our last adventure with Dave and Eve here in Korea :(  They are leaving this weekend for new and exciting travels.  Here’s a quick overview of our trip… we’ll be posting some more pictures from this weekend soon including some from a great bike ride we took while in Sokcho.  Our hostel had bikes that they let us borrow!  But for now, here are the hiking pictures.  For more pictures go to the Soraksan Photos page here.  For some videos go here.

090405 Soraksan01

The hostel owner recommended this restaurant and I have to say it was the best Bibimbap meal I’ve had in Korea.  Will definitely go there again the next time we’re in Sokcho.

090405 Soraksan03

Dave decided to eat a pepper…!

090405 Soraksan02

Then he made me eat one :(   I was sad :(

090405 Soraksan07

Soraksan National Park (a bit hazy but still quite pretty.)

090405 Soraksan06

This buddha is near the entrance of the park and probably stands a good 40-50 feet tall.   Its amazing.  Here’s a quick video I took while we were there.

We took off from here and hiked up Ulsan Bawi.  This giant rock mountain is quite impressive and proved to be quite difficult – despite the many stairs and ropes that define Korean hiking.

090405 Soraksan11

Kate about halfway up Ulsan Bawi.

090405 Soraksan13

Dave and Eve help each other up the mountain :)

090405 Soraksan18

We’re almost there!

090405 Soraksan19

Eve is pumped and ready to climb the last leg of the mountain…

090405 Soraksan20

..Straight up these stairs!! eeek.  they keep going and going….

090405 Soraksan24

These older women had no problem with it.. :) These ajumas weren’t even phased by the climing.

090405 Soraksan26

Ulsan Bawi!

090405 Soraksan28

Kate and I trying to get a good photo …

090405 Soraksan30

The nice man with the megaphone and coffee at the top took our picture for us.   (See this video)

090405 Soraksan36

The Party on top of the  mountain… only in Korea… :)

090405 Soraksan41

Ulsan Bawi again.. :) (BTW.. That’s north korea to the right Eep.  And we were there the day of the “Satellite” launch.  See this video from later in the hike.  A helicopter was circliing around over the park announcing something.  Was it about the North Korea Rocket launch?? I don’t know.  No one seemed too alarmed though.. so I think we were fine. )

090405 Soraksan44

After a rest at the top we headed down…

090405 Soraksan46

…and found some lovely treats at the bottom of the mountain.. hah yes that’s a corndog with sprinkles on it,  and another with frenchfries in the batter.  Again, only in korea…

That’s Soraksan.  We had a great time as usual with Dave and Eve… we’re sad to see them go, but they will have a great time wherever they end up, and we’ll see them soon when they come to our wedding :)  Right dave and eve?!  :)

More to come soon…



1 Bill and Willa Jewsbury { 04.14.09 at 5:57 am }

Great trip and glad you are off the mountain without any sprained ankles etc.
Lovely Easter Sunday here and then today an inch of rain. spring in IL is always unpredictable.
Leave tomorrow for California via train. Visit kathi and Rand for 2 weeks.
Love from Gpa and Gma. P.S. gpa turned 82 on april 10.

2 Denise { 08.06.10 at 3:16 pm }

The food really looks tasty… may i know the name of the restaurant ? going there soon…:)

3 Chad { 08.23.10 at 6:56 am }

@Denise – Sorry for the late reply – Not sure of the name. It’s a famous Dulcet Bibimbop place. Amazing Food!! Down the street from the bus station… Hope you find it…