on the other side of the world….
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Thanksgiving in Korea…

Thanksgiving Dinner in Korea…

A quick set of pictures from our Thanksgiving meal :) 

Isn’t that the smallest turkey you’ve ever seen!?  - It’s a cornish hen – there are no turkeys in Korea :( 

—the Spread… Stuffing (made with black bean bread and red/yellow peppers),  Mashed Potatoes, the Chicken, The green bean casserole with onion ring chips is just out of frame :(   


This is when we ate – and yes that’s 10:10 PM (on a school night).  We decided to go to the Gym after work (On Thanksgiving!? – kate made me…)  then we had to cook everything when we got home.
Dinner is served!

I’m pretty excited!!
…annnd we’re full!
Attempt # 1, #2 and…
A good picture Yay!
(Man we look tired…)
Off to sleep!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!
Kate & Chad!