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“We are the change we’ve been waiting for…” Part I

I’m not usually one for confrontation or debate. I’m an “Easy going” guy or maybe I’m just indecisive—Why don’t you tell me… Few things really get me fired up to support one way or the other and although Spicy Fishy is supposed to be a blog about our voyages around the world, this post has nothing to do with travel. It has everything to do with home and with America. And right now, this year, this fall, I’ve got an opinion.

I’m fed up,
and thrilled
….at the same time.
I’m fed up with America.

… Our political system is a mess …

I won’t pretend to understand the ins and outs of lobbyists, special interests, earmarks, or the “old Boy’s network”… But it’s pretty obvious that something isn’t right. When people get paid (a lot of money) to hinder the process and lobby for interests that are the opposite of helpful to the American people – something is wrong. When a president is allowed to wage war unilaterally by ‘duping’ the public and the government into supporting it with fear mongering and lies – something is wrong. When a majority of that same public didn’t even vote for the sitting president – something is wrong. When human rights advances are rolled back for criminal captives and women and minorities something is wrong. When that president and his band of merry men can’t acknowledge their own humanity or claim blame for their failed economic, foreign, and domestic policies – something is wrong. But what I’m more fed up about is people’s apathy and acceptance of these wrongs as the norm. People need to wake up.

… The Bailout …

Again, I will not claim to know why or how this is all happening but I can’t help but be fed up with the hypocrisy of this administration and the Republican party as it stands today. I understand why the Republicans are always working for a smaller government. OK – the idea makes sense. But when “smaller government” means releasing markets and industries in this country and around the world to operate without any oversight or a watchful eye, “smaller government” is simply irresponsible. Even if all the CEO’s on Wall Street were honorable and mindful of the risks and challenges their companies face, regulation is necessary to monitor the economic growth and to protect the investors and institutions. Shouldn’t that be assumed? nope… De-regulate de-regulate de-regulate, until one day companies start failing due to lack of oversight, and only then does the government start paying attention to the companies behavior. Only at THAT point do we need regulation and big government to step in. Scratch that.. MASSIVE government …700 billion dollars of government to come save the day.

Thanks guys, really. I’m so happy that I get to help bailout criminal CEOs who were allowed (by you…) to do whatever they wanted. How does that happen?! I’m just glad John McCain went back to Washington fix it…he is an economist, right? (sarcasm.) McCain doesn’t sit on any relevant committees or have anything to offer to the discussion about the Bailout. So what exactly did he hope to accomplish? I understand that he’s now the party leader (sorry Bush but you just don’t matter anymore, I guess) and he needed to “rally his troops” but I don’t understand how photo-ops help that cause and I’m glad he was still able to make it to Ol Miss. (Just in time!). I’m glad the first bill failed. It sent shock waves through the political system and made everyone step back for a second and think about this thing. Granted, it seems everyone is coming back to the same fix but it sent a signal to the administration and to the country – The era of no limit economics and blank checks is over. (Hopefully)

This is part I of a rant I’ve been writing the past few days… A diversion from the normal updates, it is meant to spawn discussion and thought. Please leave a comment or tell me why I’m wrong :)