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We’re Coming Home!! (for a month)

Coming home

For those of you who haven’t heard, we have our plane tickets to come home in July/August!!  We’ll be back July 25th – August 23rd! 

Our Itenarary for when we’re home includes - 

Williamsburg -> DC -> Williamsburg -> Chautaqua, NY -> Evansville, IN -> Bloomington, IN -> Kokomo, IN -> Valporaiso, IN -> Lansing, MI -> Leland, MI -> Chicago, IL

FHEW… I’m exhausted already.  

We’ll post a more detailed schedule when we get it all finalized and it gets closer.  

We’re so excited to see everyone and to understand everyone around us : )

-Chad & Kate


1 Dad K { 06.29.09 at 1:41 am }

Woo Hoo! Got any good recipes for Possum? Momma just cornered one in the back garden!!

2 Laura Ciotti { 06.29.09 at 11:26 pm }

I think you accidentally forgot to put your stop in Minneapolis on your itinerary.

3 Chad { 06.30.09 at 10:43 pm }

Yeah I really wanted to fit that in… but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.
You could come to Chicago :-) We’ll be there the last week.. so August 19-23 ish.
Hope all is well!! Say hi to everyone for me !