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090412 New Bikes01

A few months ago Chad got  bike from another teacher who was leaving.  Last weekend we found another bike to complete the set!  It is a used bike and we got it for a bargain.  Please note the color and basket!

090412 New Bikes04

Last night we decided to go for a spin around Samcheok.  This picture is on a bridge near the EXPO site.

090412 New Bikes05

Pretty sunset photo taken by the camera man.

090412 New Bikes09

090412 New Bikes11

If you look closely through the trees you can see a temple.  I have only stopped by once.  Hopefully one of our biking adventures will take us there soon.

090412 New Bikes12

It took me a while to figure out my biking legs.  Honestly, I am still afraid of running into things like trees and dumpsters.

090412 New Bikes13

This is another shot of the EXPO ground.  The Batman looking building is an indoor cave!  Pretty fun.

090412 New Bikes16

Here is the set from Brazil, I mean the cement plant that you can hear from kilometers away.  Isn’t it lovely?  It’s the one structure in Samcheok I have been inspired to draw.  Well, I haven’t actually done the drawing part yet.

090412 New Bikes18

Me, Pink Bike, Brazil.

090412 New Bikes19

Chad, Blue Bike, Brazil.

090412 New Bikes20

090412 New Bikes22

This little bike path/avenue was lined with blooming cherry blossoms trees only a few days ago.  To the right are the river and cement plant.

090412 New Bikes24

Okay, the only reason I am typing this blog post (just kidding) is to share my petal pedals!  My pedals are petals!  I might not get over this for a while.

090412 New Bikes25

Look at the magnificent array of bikes on the bike stand outside of out apartment!  They all have words like “style” and “elegance” printed on them.

That’s all for now, Folks.  Thanks for reading.  You should look in our video section to see the drive from our school to Samcheok.  Gorgeous cherry blossoms.  Take care and happy (belated) Easter!

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1 Marty { 04.14.09 at 1:59 am }

I can’t believe my eyes! Kate, first you miss Chicago, and second you are riding a BIKE?! I love it!