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Happy New Year!

New Years, 2008


Top 10 From 2008

I was inspired by my friend m’s blog to do a Top 10 From 2008 list. My list is basically the top things I can remember that I am proud of or happy I did or just something that makes 2008 a one-of-a-kind year. In no particular order:

1. Chicago, Silver and Gold – I made some wonderful new friends this year, rekindled old friendships, and I got to spend tons of time with my best friends from IU. I don’t think anyone could ask for much more. Oh wait, they can, and I will. An amazing family. Ooops, I’ve got it!

2. Explore the Wild - I created the concept and organized, advertised, and curated a show for three young artists in Chicago (Casey Searles, Andrew Heber, and Kate Korrcoh). The show was a success and I loved doing every part of it. I not only had work I was excited to share but I also got to do what I am really good at and see wonderful results. Not to mention I got tons of amazing support from friends from many different parts of my life, that was very special.

3. As a self-employed artist/artist’s assistant I paid my rent and bills for a year on time with no financial assistance.

4. Two Birds, One Stone – I have a job that has amazing health care AND the job is in a foreign country. Along those lines, one of the birds, I am living in a culture that challenges me to a new extent. This is not my beloved Italy where I could communicate well in the language, eat all of their food and where all people where equal no matter their sex occupation. I wanted a challenge and I got one.

5. Jens Lekman hugged me (because we said “Bloomington” which makes it even better)!

Kate, Jens, Chad
(Okay, not the best picture of him but it’s my proof!)

6. I now eat meat and I can no longer drink regular coffee. Two major lifestyle changes for me.

7. Megabus – Made it possible for me to survive a long distance relationship spread over the vast Midwest. One trip I got from Chicago to Saint Paul for one dollar!

8. I started doing yoga (and liked it this time) and I ran 6 miles a few weeks ago.

9. Last April Chad and I flew to Virginia to spend a long weekend to see my sister, Molly, in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. My Mom’s Aunt Liz and Uncle Nick and my Grandparents were all in town for the show. We had one special morning with everyone, then Grandma and Grandpa took off and we spent some amazing days with Aunt Liz and Uncle Nick. We did lots of fun site seeing (a large portion on the water in various boats), ate wonderful food, had wonderful debates and more laughs than I can count. Uncle Nick has been battling cancer and passed away a few days ago. I am incredibly thankful that we got that time with him. We had a blast, a perfect way to remember him. Not to mention Chad had a chance to get to know this incredible man who is extremely important to my family.

10. Colorado – Chad’s parents and I drove for two days out to visit Chad. I got to ask lots of questions and hear lots of amazing stories! We arrived to find Chad changed from an Audio Recording Dude to a Mountaineer! We had a great time hiking and looking around Aspen. I ended up staying a little bit longer than planned to climb my first (and only at this point) 14er, La Plata! That was a a great trip.

BONUS: The man bellow. I couldn’t be happier. I am one lucky girl. :)

La Plata, July 2008

It was a good year. Thank you for being part of my 2008.

I hope you have a fabulous 2009!

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