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New Site!

The new site is up… there might be a few bugs still.. sorry!
On older posts from blogger pictures will not load in full screen correctly :( this is a problem with the migration from blogger. I will fix the posts soon so that you can still look at the larger images. For now enjoy the new video and photo pages and PLEASE leave comments about any problems you find. Or comments if you like the site or not :)

More soon…

March 7, 2009   4 Comments

Quick Update

It’s been quite a while since we posted. Apologies.

I’ve been working hard on migrating the blog from being hosted on Blogger to a WordPress installation on my new hosting. It’s finally finished (mostly) and hopefully will provide more options for hosting media and other content. It should be up when you read this…otherwise check back in a day or two :)

Also, watch for a new chadjewsbury.com and katekorroch.com in the coming months.

Kate and I have started back to school now so we’re on a regular schedule again. We had a wonderful winter vacation and had a lot of extra time away from school, but now we’re happy to be back at school and starting a routine again.

More posts soon,


Bangkok - 29

Bangkok - 36

Bangkok - 05

Bangkok - 18

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