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Photoshop Fun…

Hi all,

I’ve been having some fun with photoshop lately so I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to.  These are just a few photos I’ve tinkered with or put together with photoshop.  Nothing too special but some interesting shots.

Click the images to see a larger version…

1.   This was taken on Samcheok beach back in June or July.


2.  I took the panorama a few weeks ago from Samcheok Mountain.  It’s facing toward the sea port and you can see the bright lights of the squid boats out in the water.  That’s not exaggerated.. they really are that bright.  (click this image once.. then again to see an even larger version.)


3. I love this picture of Kate!  It’s pretty cheesy I know and the vingetting is really strong .. but that’s what I was trying to learn how to do .. hah so enjoy that beautiful smile :)


4. Jump!  This was taken last semester during a traditional korean festival day at school.  This is a popular traditional Korean game.  Just some simple dodge and burn to accentuate the action.


5. This is my first attempt at an HDR photo – (High Dynamic Range).  It was taken from the mountain in Samcheok (of Samcheok) and wasn’t intended to be an HDR photo.  I was taking some shots for a panorama but I think it turned out alright.  It’s my first attempt so don’t judge it too harshly.  My dodge and burn attempts are reallllly spotty but that’s not what I was trying to learn how to do.  It was also a really gloomy/dark day – so it was a tough day to shoot pictures.


I’ll be posting some pictures from a hike we did the other day at Hwansangul soon.  We’re hosting our first Couch surfers tonight – so I’m going to go be social with them.  Some nice Lithuanian girls who are in Seoul for the Semester.


October 9, 2009   8 Comments