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Annoying our Students :)

Our students are always wondering if Kate and I are a couple or if we’re getting married…  And we always play like we don’t understand becuase it’s more fun that way.  Maybe it’s cruel.. maybe it’s mean.  But they usually think it’s funny too…

Here are two videos from our most recent school field trip that illustrated this :)   The first one they’re trying to get us to hold hands… in the second, she’s asking if we will get married.  :)


There are also some more videos up on the videos page.

September 20, 2009   4 Comments

Soraksan with Dave and Eve

Last weekend we went to Soraksan National park with Dave and Eve!  We went up on Saturday and stayed the night in Sokcho then headed out to the park for some hiking on Sunday.  It was a bittersweet trip as it is our last adventure with Dave and Eve here in Korea :(  They are leaving this weekend for new and exciting travels.  Here’s a quick overview of our trip… we’ll be posting some more pictures from this weekend soon including some from a great bike ride we took while in Sokcho.  Our hostel had bikes that they let us borrow!  But for now, here are the hiking pictures.  For more pictures go to the Soraksan Photos page here.  For some videos go here.

090405 Soraksan01

The hostel owner recommended this restaurant and I have to say it was the best Bibimbap meal I’ve had in Korea.  [Read more →]

April 10, 2009   3 Comments

Koh Tao Tour!

Following up on the Koh Tao Pictures, here is a quick video tour of the island.  It’s only about 5 miles long and this is pretty much the only road – In it’s entirety ..in about 160 seconds.  :)


March 14, 2009   1 Comment