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A Day at Work

Chad and I are having a lesson planning day. We have finished our first week of plans which gives me the opportunity to share a few anecdotes from the last 30 minutes of my life which may shed light on the world Chad and I are living in.
After lunch we always head back to the teachers room where everyone has coffee or (REALLY SUGARY) vitamin juice. This little relaxation before our afternoon starts usually includes an informal English lesson for the teachers. Today we talked about the words “tomb, grave and waterfall.” As were were sitting and chatting the Principal walked in (everyone rise. . .at least sometimes. . .not sure on when. . just do it) and said “Chaed” and presented Chad with a huge bag of loaves of bread. He then presented me with a huge bag of rice (which looks like a huge bag of mozzarella cheese). Korean Thanksgiving gifts. So we now have enough carbs for the next month!
Yesterday when we were leaving school (when I say “we” I mean EVERYONE at school, together) everyone was crowded around the little garden near the parking lot. They were carrying on and giggling. The principal started beckoning at us (beckoning here is like the gesture for “shew” like swatting a fly). We confusedly approached and saw what all of the commotion was. One small watermelon in the school garden. We just ate it during the coffee break.
My final coffee break anecdote involves attire. Today I sucked it up and decided to not be scared to wear a knee length skirt (to the top of my knee). I was a little nervous this morning but I haven’t been given any real reason to be worried. During our coffee break the nurse said “Skirt beautiful” to me. Then she spoke in Korean to our main English contact about what she was trying to say. Teacher Jang looked at me and said “You should dress.” he was trying to reiterate that the Nurse liked my skirt. It just came out wrong and was particularly funny because of my paranoia. Teacher Jang is taking come throat meds so we are blaming that. :)

Finally, as I walked from break central back up to the English village a crew of first graders ran up to me yelling “Teacher, Teacher!” We are used commotion in the hallways when we walk through but these kids proceeded to drag me to the backdoor of the school. I was then presented with a box. As the top of the box was lifted open I was greeted by a dead bird. Okay, fine. Kids are kids. I went to get the first grade teacher to figure out how to dispose of this little guy. She came, spoke with the kids and left. I figured she was going to get a bag or something. i waited a few minuted and nothing happened. So, I peaked back around the corner to her desk and the First Grade teacher was back at her computer. I went back to the outside door of the school and saw the children had left with the box and were playing with the bird like a baby doll.

Like I said, 30 minutes of a day.
Now I need to go and cut out shapes for name tags.
Happy Friday!

September 11, 2008   2 Comments