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Ddeok (DUCK) and Chuseok (CHOO-SUCK)

Ddeok – Korean rice cake

This particular ddeok (celebrating Chuseok) is filled with a sweet sesame concoction. The outside is compressed rice, very gelatinous. They are traditionally made with lots of spit.

As we were climbing Taebek-san we met a family of Koreans at one of the peaks. The daughter spoke English very well. She has studied in Boston AND her English nickname is Kate! We had a nice little chat and her mother gave us their bag of Chuseok Ddeok! They were the least thought ddeok I had tasted . . . so probably more pit in this one than the ones we had at school! :D

Bellow is a little video on the top of Taebek-san, Chad is describing the ddeok.

I hope all is well with YOU!


September 26, 2008   5 Comments