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Happy New Year – from Puerto Princesa

Happy New Year! (belated.. )

Hello all,

I wrote a longer post a little bit ago but it got deleted :( Sorry… here is an abridged version -

Kate and I are in Puerto Princesa right now sitting in an internet cafe surrounded by World of Warcraft Gamers.  This morning we were in Manila  – which was an interesting experience.  Very grimy gritty city – more third worldy than we expected but it was definitely worth a day or two.  It Put everything in perspective for sure.  We will post more about that later.

Kate’s sister Molly was in Korea for the last 2 weeks visiting us.  We had a great time with her!! She came to school with us.. toured around Samcheok and went to Seoul for a few days before she flew home and we flew to the Philippines.


Making Lanterns at Bongeunsa Temple in Seoul


Again at the Temple


Kate and Molly on a Seoul Bus Tour :)


Kate and I had to wait in the airport for 12 hours for our flight (after Molly flew out in the morning) .  Gave me some time to practice with my Camera :)


Kate doesn’t like sitting in the airport for 12 hours :(


Some Kids in Rizal Park in Manila.  They were really excited when they saw my camera :)


Kate, Blanca and Ana (friends we met at our hostel) at Fort Santiago in Manila.


The view from our hostel tonight on Palawan Island – Puerto Princesa City…. Pretty amazing.

We’ll post some more pictures sooon when we get internet access again.

More soon,

-All the best

—-Chad & Kate!

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