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Happy New Year – from Puerto Princesa

Happy New Year! (belated.. )

Hello all,

I wrote a longer post a little bit ago but it got deleted :( Sorry… here is an abridged version -

Kate and I are in Puerto Princesa right now sitting in an internet cafe surrounded by World of Warcraft Gamers.  This morning we were in Manila  – which was an interesting experience.  Very grimy gritty city – more third worldy than we expected but it was definitely worth a day or two.  It Put everything in perspective for sure.  We will post more about that later.

Kate’s sister Molly was in Korea for the last 2 weeks visiting us.  We had a great time with her!! She came to school with us.. toured around Samcheok and went to Seoul for a few days before she flew home and we flew to the Philippines.


Making Lanterns at Bongeunsa Temple in Seoul


Again at the Temple


Kate and Molly on a Seoul Bus Tour :)


Kate and I had to wait in the airport for 12 hours for our flight (after Molly flew out in the morning) .  Gave me some time to practice with my Camera :)


Kate doesn’t like sitting in the airport for 12 hours :(


Some Kids in Rizal Park in Manila.  They were really excited when they saw my camera :)


Kate, Blanca and Ana (friends we met at our hostel) at Fort Santiago in Manila.


The view from our hostel tonight on Palawan Island – Puerto Princesa City…. Pretty amazing.

We’ll post some more pictures sooon when we get internet access again.

More soon,

-All the best

—-Chad & Kate!

January 11, 2010   1 Comment

School Photo

We had school pictures a couple of months ago and our teachers all took these two pictures together.  We also took individual photos, which we never saw, but we were given these a few days later – just getting around to posting them now, sorry.

The first is a standard posed picture – (from the roof of the school) with all of the Geundeok teachers and staff.  This is everybody :)

[singlepic id=2229 w=400 h= float=]

The second picture is a new-age-awesomeness picture envisioned by the artiste photographers… If we were a band, we would be awesome… but we’re not, we’re elementary school teachers – so it’s just goofy.  But that’s Korea!!

[singlepic id=2230 w=400 h= float=]

Some of these people are really amazing.  We’ve become great friends with a number of them and will miss them greatly when leave in a few months.  One advantage of being at such a small school is that it’s really like an extended family.  I know every one of these people pretty well and some of them are really our best friends in Korea.  That’s much less possible at a school with 80 teachers that is departmentalized and divided.   I’d list the names and positions of everyone in the picture but it would probably be silly.  Our closest friends are the woman on the far left (black sweater tan skirt) – She’s the 5th grade teacher, teacher Kim Young-mi and is a year older than us.  She came this year from Taebaek and has been a great friend!  Can’t imagine the past year without her great sense of humor and fantastic English.  The woman in the front with the White Jacket (younger woman) is our official Co-teacher, Son Eun-Jin.  She’s amazing!  Such a fantastic friend and always willing to help us when we have problems.  (And she’s the hardest working person in our school :-) ) In front of Kate (to the left a bit) in all black is Teacher Kim Suk-jin.  She was our first friend here in Korea and really helped us a lot our first semester here.  She was in the U.S. last summer studying English and is now teaching most of our classes with us (long story).  She’s great and we will miss her a lot.  Hopefully some of these ladies will come to our wedding!!  There are a number of other teachers I’d love to tell you about and surely will sometime soon, but for now that’s it :)  Just wanted post these pictures while I was thinking of it.

All the best…

Kate and I are enjoying homemade apple pie and whip cream tonight.  Thanks KATE!


December 14, 2009   3 Comments

Fall Pictures

I’ve been hoarding a bunch of new pictures for the past few weeks – waiting for a good time to edit them down and post them. So here we are. Be sure to check the captions on the pictures for more information about them. We’ve had some great adventures lately and these hopefully capture a bit of them. I’ve been trigger happy lately ending up with 5 and 6 hundred photos from some trips, so this is definitely a sampling – but it’s really all the pictures anyone would ever actually want to see. :) I’ll be posting some more photosynths of places around Korea soon too. (That’s really where the photo counts go up like crazy! )

Enjoy and please leave a comment!


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November 6, 2009   4 Comments